Why LifeGroups?

Figtree Anglican is a large church with about 800 people attending across our 3 services on Sunday. While celebrating our faith together on Sunday in large numbers is exciting and encouraging, it limits the opportunity to build deep personal relationships with one another and find meaningful support in times of personal needs.


Download the LifeGroup study book for 'Jesus is Key' series 2018

What are LifeGroups & what do they do?

LifeGroups are where life happens! At Figtree we are passionate about the life-changing impact that LifeGroups can have in helping to transform the life of an individual; one of the significant ways we grow spiritually. We’d love to see everyone belong to LifeGroup.

  • It is where what is general becomes specific. Together the group go deeper into God’s word, seeking ways to personally apply the teaching.
  • It is where pastoral care grows hands and feet and where bible study is linked to application through mutual accountability.
  • It is where we keep the great commission alive with a defined and intentional strategy for reaching out to our friends and family and it is where future leaders grow and emerge.
  • It is where you can discover who you are and how you can make a unique contribution to the body of Christ. In short, it's where life happens!

What makes LifeGroups so unique?

Our LifeGroups are all about making disciples:

  • Worship and pray together
  • Read and study the bible, seeking ways to personally apply the teaching
  • Evangelize family and friends
  • Help each other to become more like Jesus – be accountable
  • Genuinely care for each other

To join a LifeGroup, email Jo Brain ([email protected]) Alternatively, visit our Information Desk when you come along to church on Sunday.

LifeGroups are small groups where life and God’s word intersect.

Who are they for?

LifeGroups are for everyone and anyone who calls FAC home! It is our deepest desire that everyone will actively be part of a LifeGroup. If you are new to FAC, joining a LifeGroup is a great way to be connect with people are at similar stage of life as yourself.

When do they meet?

LifeGroups generally meet together weekly, although some groups meet fortnightly. Some groups meet at the church, but the majority meet in individual homes.

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