Men, Women & Retirees


At FAC we place a high value on the identity of men, and encouraging them in their family life, community and workplace, and in our church. The Shed is the engine room for Men's ministry at FAC and we run events like 'Big Guy Little Guy', 'Dad & Daughter Day', M.E.A.T. Night, and other events. The Gong Men's Day is also held annually; a great day for men to gather together to be encouraged in how to live a godly life - in all of life!

Throughout the year, events we are encouraging our men to attend will be advertised on our Events page.


M.E.A.T (Men Eating And Talking) kick starts each year for our men. Stay tuned for the next event.

The Shed

The Shed is about men meeting around Gods word and encouraging each other in our families, our community, our workplace and our church. We want to build each other up in identity, integrity and influence.

The Shed meets at FAC on Wednesday, from 7:30-9:30pm.

Come around for a bit of Shed time as we work on practical Christian living as men at different ages and stages. Contact Ian Barnett 4272 1322 or [email protected]. Also, join our mailing list!


Our desire at FAC is to provide opportunities for women of all ages to grow spiritually; to become effective disciples of Christ as we connect relationally with one another in our journey with God. Belonging to Life Groups is one of the significant ways this happens, with a great range of groups specifically for our women, including Women Alive (WA); a time each Thursday morning for women from across generations, to gather together, before breaking into small groups to study the bible.

Throughout the year, events we are encouraging our women to attend will be advertised on our Events page.

Other opportunities to grow deeper in your faith: Mary Andrews College - Training and equipping; applying God's word to life and ministry.

The Cafe

The Cafe is our annual event for women from across generations, to be encouraged, challenged & inspired!

Women Alive

Women Alive (WA) is part of our LifeGroups, where women of all ages gather together in small groups around God’s word each Thursday morning during school terms. The goal of WA is that as we study God's word and encourage one another, we become more like Christ, and that through this transformation, we become significant influencers in our family, church and the wider community.

Woman Alive: Thursday Morning (during school terms) 9:30am to 11:30am. Low cost creche available. For more information, contact Jo Brain [email protected]

Mother's Union

Mothers' Union (MU), a worldwide fellowship of over 3.7 million members, focuses on evangelism, spiritual nurture, and the blessing of families and communities; the quality of family life. All Saints Figtree MU (now Figtree Anglican) was formed at our Mt Kembla Church in 1935, and has been running for over 80 years! MU meets at FAC on the 1st Wednesday of each month, from 10:00 to 11:30am. For more information email [email protected]


FIGS is a community of FAC retirees and seniors who love to use their ‘resource of time’ to serve in ministry both here at FAC and beyond as well as spend time together socially at a range of events across the year. They believe that this stage of life is a blessing; a time when they can still be very active in being used by God to build His Kingdom.

Throughout the year, FIGS events will be advertised on our Events page. For more information, or to join the FIGS mailing list, email [email protected]