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Do you know about Faithful Daily Read?

FaithfulDailyRead (fdr) is the Figtree Anglican Church blog for daily devotions. Why not join us? Here you’ll be able to be part of the FAC community sharing reflections on our Bible reading for the day. If you’ve never read along with us check out the daily read at, or grab the monthly readings bookmark from the FAC info desk to get started. Life Journals are also available. FaithfulDailyRead isn’t your quiet time outsourced, its a place to share with your community. A helpful way of having a daily devotion is SOAP! Scripture: read today’s passages. Observe: write down things that stand out for you from the passage Application: how will my life be changed by what I’ve read today. Prayer: write a prayer incorporating what you have read today. After you have soaped, log in to see what the community is thinking and sharing, and leave your own comment. Imagine belonging to a church that does its ‘quiet time’ together… If you would like to be reminded when the blog is up for the day, follow us on twitter – simply follow @fdrfac or click here.