Living out God's Story

Women's Teaching Series

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    Date: Starting 7:30pm, Wednesday 24 August
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    Price: Free
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    Location: Figtree Anglican Church

Living out God's Story

A four-week, topical women's series starting 7:30pm, Wednesday 24th August

Four opportunities over four Wednesdays to learn and grow as Christian women.

Come and sit alongside other women as we hear about and explore a range of relevant issues from a Christian perspective. 

No need to register, feel free to invite a friend too.

Week 1 - 24th August
Shining a Light on Faith & Work
With Kara Martin

Could God be interested in my everyday work? Isn't work cursed? How can I use my work for God? Come along to hear Kara Martin, lecturer and author of the Workship books, as she helps us explore how God can use our ordinary everyday work. Bring a symbol of your work, bring a friend, and hear how the Bible gives us a better story for our work. This is an opportunity for us to dig into the Bible and be encouraged and inspired for all our work, paid or unpaid.

More about our speaker Kara Martin

Kara Martin is the author of Workship: How to Use Your Work to Worship God, and Workship 2: How to Flourish at Work and was co-editor of Transforming Vocation: Connecting Theology, Church, and the Workplace for a Flourishing World. She is a lecturer with Alphacrucis College and Adjunct Professor with Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Boston. She is also a Visiting Fellow with the Mockler Center for Faith and Ethics in the Public Square and on the Board of the Karam Fellowship in the US. Kara has worked in media and communications, human resources, business analysis and policy development roles, in a variety of organisations, and as a consultant. She is researching the variables for effective faith–work integration for workplace Christians. Kara has presented, taught and run workshops in churches and theological colleges in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, the US, New Zealand and throughout Australia. Recent articles have been published in the Faith in Business Quarterly (Cambridge, UK) and for the De Pree Center for Leadership (Fuller Seminary, US). 

Week 2 - 31st August
Shining a Light on Navigating Friendships

Let's explore a healthy framework for friendship - while taking a good honest look at some of the challenges many of us face at different times. This could include navigating different expectations and personalities, changing circumstances and availability, honesty and loyalty and loneliness. How can we be the kind of friend we need? 

Come and hear some thoughts, wisdom and life experience from our own women including Sue Moore, Hannah Goodhew and Laura Lidden.

Week 3 - 7th September
Shining a Light on Grief and Loss
With Sarah Kinstead

Change is one of the constants of life, built within each one is loss and grief as well as gain and freedom. One of the most finite changes we will ever face is the loss of a loved one or even our own mortality. How are people of faith to grieve and/or face the challenges of the many changes we must endure on earth? How can we help others navigate sad or challenging times of change including the loss of loved ones until the Lord returns?

More about our speaker Sarah Kinstead

Sarah met her husband Robin whilst studying theology at Bible college. Their two teenage children, Nathaniel and Rebekah are a great delight to them.

Sarah’s two great passions are evangelism and pastoral care which have led her to serve God in general ward and mental health Chaplaincy at several Sydney hospitals. She has just started the role of Chaplain at Wollongong Hospital and manages a large team of volunteers. Sarah is passionate about multiplying ministry via training others which she did as a Pastoral Educator and Supervisor as well as lecturer at Mary Andrews College for a number of years.

Week 4 - 14th September

Shining a Light on Anxiety
With Audine Evans

Is anxiety really a reality for Christians? Should we experience anxiety if we are people of faith? What is God’s actual response to the modern epidemic of anxiety in our western society and how does he call us to respond as His people? Audine Evans, a local psychologist, will explore the various experiences of anxiety, the differing views about anxiety for Christians, and God’s response to this potentially debilitating condition. Come along, bring a friend, and hear about the many practical and surprising things the Bible says about anxiety. This is an opportunity for each of us to reflect on the role of worry in our lives and be comforted and encouraged by God’s responses.

More about our speaker Audine Evans

Audine is a local psychologist who has over 30 years of experience in caring for and supporting a variety of people across a wide range of ages, personal issues and socio-economic backgrounds. Audine has worked as a Child and Family Therapist for a local NGO, at Anglicare Illawarra for 17 years as a Child, Adolescent and Family Counsellor and now as the Senior Psychologist at a local school caring for K to 12 students and their families presenting with a variety of personal, family and/or mental health issues.  Additionally, Audine has also had the privilege to teach at several Illawarra and Sydney churches on issues of anxiety, depression, grief, gender, sexuality, and mental health. She is passionate about each person, regardless of circumstances or faith, being able to experience and truly know the love of God that transforms, comforts and empowers us to be our best selves.