Sunday 8am Onsite Service

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    Date: 8am Sundays
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    Location: Figtree Anglican Church

Sunday 8am Onsite Service

Our 8am morning service is a traditional Anglican Prayer Book Service featuring hymns and regular communion. Join this faithful group who love to welcome new people of all ages into their community for a time of worship, prayer and teaching followed by fellowship over morning tea.

If you have any questions please contact us at or call us on 4272 1322

Current Sermon Series

Building a Biblical Ethic

In recent weeks we have been exploring God’s word about being in Christ, in the Church, and, now, in the Community.
Following on from our series on I AM Jesus Messiah (The Gospel of John) and Building the Body of His Church (1 Corinthians 12), we shall spend the next five weeks exploring what it means to be God’s people Building a Biblical Ethic according to which we may live.
The Bible is God’s word to us on Who He is, who we are, and how to live together in relationship with Him and one another in His world. Building a Biblical Ethic is to think God’s thoughts after Him in how to live knowing and trusting His Son Jesus Christ has come, died for us, and now lives and reigns in heaven, promising to return again.
Our Building Blocks begin at the beginning, in Genesis, in which we read how God breathed, spoke, and created all things into being according to His good order, making us ALIVE. He created us, BOTH male and female, to be CONNECTED with Him and one another, in singleness and in marriage, in which we may be DEVOTED to the bearing and raising children, so His full family may be established together into ETERNITY.
Please pray God would use this time in His word together to Build a Biblical Ethic so that we may think, say, pray, and do life together with deepening joy and for the praise of His glory.