Parish Council

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Parish Council functions under the Chairmanship of the Senior Minister as a body of elders, for governance of the Parish. At Figtree, Parish Council is made up of 9 Councillors and 3 Wardens, with their main purpose to:

  • Generate, review, endorse and be custodian of policies
  • Ensure the well-being of the Snr Minister and ministry team (ordained and non-ordained staff)
  • Provide feedback to the Snr Minister for his evaluation against vision, goals and operational plan for the church;
  • Establish sub-committees to assist Parish Council achieve its purpose.

The Wardens are also responsible for administering the financial and property affairs of the church.


Five nominators are elected each year. In the event that the Rector retires his position, the role of the nominators is to source potential candidates to fill the vacancy and provide their recommendations to the Archbishop for his consideration. The Archbishop is responsible for appointing the Rector to a Parish. The Parish, through the Nominators, can only make recommendations.

Synod Representatives

The Synod is the annual gathering of representatives of the churches of the Diocese with the Archbishop. The Synod meets to consider matters affecting the order and good government of the Diocese. Our Parish have 2 representatives who attend and participate in Synod meetings on behalf of our Parish.

Parish Council 2017

Peoples Wardens

  • Iris Costello
  • Penny Cross

Rectors Warden Wardens

  • Wayne James

Parish Councillors

  • Ian Duncan
  • Tony Horsley
  • Malinda Halley
  • Joshua Lidden
  • Simon Hodsden
  • Luke Tierney
  • Steph Orr


  • Simone Boswell
  • Wayne James
  • Laura Lidden
  • Steve Bowden
  • Peter Jones

Synod Representatives

  • Roger Lewis
  • Glenn Murray