Mission & Vision


Our Mission is to build a community of grace committed to making disciples of Jesus.

The Bible defines our purpose as one of glorifying God and enjoying Him forever. This is the foundation for everything we do as individuals and as a church.

Our mission flows out of this; a calling to build God’s kingdom by equipping followers of Jesus who will influence our culture by bringing the gospel to bear on all of life ie our mission is to make disciples.

Our core values

Commonly held values are the key to unity. At Figtree Anglican, they are the foundation to which everything we do is aligned and define what makes us unique as a church community:


at all times


in all things


to all people


Our vision is to be a faithful, adventurous and compassionate church with an expanding influence on communities, cities and nations with the hope and love of God.

We look to the gospel to impact our community, our city and our world by first changing individual lives. That's what we want to see God do through us at FAC – as we each personally experience the hope and love of God in Christ, to be used by God to carry this message of hope to friends, family and across the nations.