Our Story

Adventure • Heritage

At Figtree Anglican Church our focus is on people and relationships; a relationship with God through Jesus and relationships with others; relationships that grow deeper and stronger with spiritual maturity. The Fruitful Figtree, a book by Stuart Piggin provides a history of Figtree Anglican Church from 1888 to 1983.




Our Mission, Vision & Values are about building a community of believers who will glorify God in all areas of life. For us at FAC, being this community means we are people who come from different locations and have different life experiences, but we gather together with a common unity. We are people whose values and life are given over to the mission of Christ in making disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:16-20). Making disciples is at the core of our mission because it is God's chosen method of spreading the Good News of salvation through Christ.

Want to know more about Jesus?

At FAC we believe Jesus is Lord; that He is the bringer of life and the One who gives us a great purpose. Our prayer is that more and more people come to know the gloriousness of Christ Jesus, and that, through meeting Him, hearts will be transformed and desires renewed to honour the King and live a life that brings glory to Him on High! Want to know more? Come along to one of our services or email us at connect@myfac.org.au to start a conversation that will help you answer your questions.